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John Labovitz lives at North Mountain, where he facilitates the residency experience and manages the land, housing, infrastructure, and business administration. He also serves on the board of directors and works to promote the residency model at conferences and events. He had the good fortune to grow up in an environment of creative planners, artists, community organizers, and within the DIY movement of the 1980s DC hardcore punk scene. In 1965, his grandparents took on the ownership of Uphill Farm, an apple farm where North Mountain Residency now makes its home. He works in photography, typography, printmaking, writing, architecture, and computer programming. His participation in residencies & retreats, as well as his mixed interests in art, community, and place, have been formative in inspiring the North Mountain project. See for his personal work and other projects.

Susanna Battin works as Program Director at North Mountain where she organizes special events, curation, community outreach, and program development for the non-profit. Her art practice is research-driven and includes forms of video, writing, and installation. In this practice, she attempts to trouble the normative narratives we have about nature and landscape, and questions how these stories shape the US national identity. In 2014 she participated as a resident artist at North Mountain and became involved in developing the values and goals of the program. Susanna currently lives and works in Los Angeles and travels to North Mountain for the annual residency season. She graduated with her masters in photography and media from Calarts in 2015, and has presented her work both domestically and abroad. For more information about her practice, see