North Mountain generally supports 2–3 residents per session. Special programming for group sessions can support more, but for shorter durations.

Because of our small size, residents must be excited by living in a temporary small community of 3–5 people, which includes staff.

We offer comfortable living and studio space, access to large wooded and open outdoor areas, and volunteer our assistance with research and documentation, as well as small group critiques & studio visits, and simple bread making skills. During their time in residence, we hope residents will:

2017 residency periods & deadlines

We offer three-week residency periods on the following schedule:

Prospective residents should apply by March 1, 2017 to be considered for the year’s residency season. If you’ve missed the deadline and would still like to apply, please write us at to be added to our waiting list.


We invite applications from individuals and small groups working in all types of creative practices. We expect each resident to arrive with a motivated, self-driven practice. Projects to be developed at the residency could be in progress, in draft or sketch form, or only in theory. Residents are chosen based on the clarity and sincerity of their proposal, their commitment to past projects, and the how their proposal fits with the values and capabilities of North Mountain.


We provide comfortable studio and living space in a three-story house on a large retired apple farm. A well-equipped kitchen, living/dining room, outdoor deck, and fire pit, act as common areas of the house.

There are two dedicated studio spaces. The upstairs studio is suitable for dry work, writing, research, photo and video editing, architecture, sound, etc. The main floor studio is suitable for various wet and dry media. In 2017, we hope to open a third studio space for residents focusing on outdoor field work. The kitchen has a large island, two sinks, and is equipped with a good selection of cooking tools, and is suitable for culinary arts practices.

North Mountain is located on 400 mountainous acres of apple orchards and woodlands in the Eastern Panhandle area of West Virginia, near the small town of Shanghai. From the middle of the 19th century until the beginning of the 21st, the property was one of many active apple farms in the region. Now dormant, the apple trees primarily feed wildlife, along with the occasional passing resident. Walking trails on the property lead to old orchards, a pond, and forests of oaks, maples, and sycamores.

The residency maintains a library with collections of literature and reference; graphic arts, typography, printmaking, and photography; architecture and urban/space planning; and ecology and Appalachian culture.

By car, North Mountain is:

Residency fee

A fee of $100 per week helps cover the costs of providing the residency, which include housekeeping and administration work, utilities, household supplies, taxes, and insurance. This fee is on a sliding scale; no one who has been accepted will be turned away for lack of funds. Similarly, residents may contribute more to help cover the costs of fellow or future residents.

Residents are responsible for their own travel expenses, food, studio materials, and personal items.


Some basic tools and materials may be available, but in general, residents should plan to bring anything they need or make arrangements to acquire materials while they are here.

Because the house is a shared living space, residents are asked to be sensitive to others’ needs and to the site as a whole. Residents are expected to help maintain the cleanliness of the living quarters so that others may take full advantage of the time and space provided.

Poison ivy, ticks and mosquitoes, poisonous spiders and snakes, and the occasional black bear or mountain lion may be found on site. Most of this wildlife doesn’t want anything to do with humans. All can be avoided with common sense and a few guidelines; however, residents should understand that the site is by and large a wild place.

Residents are not expected to have their own vehicle, but should understand that North Mountain is in a rural location and the nearest town is seven miles away – access to shopping or entertainment is limited. Residents without vehicles should be prepared to spend most of their time on site.

Transit to and from bus/train stations or airports can be arranged for arriving and departing residents.

Our DSL internet service is slow and cannot support high-bandwidth activities like streaming video, gaming, or transferring large files. Cell phone service is available from most carriers (with the exception of T-Mobile), but cellular internet service can be extremely slow. Residents are encouraged to bring their own cellphone and laptop or tablet. There is no television.

Pets and visitors are allowed by special arrangement.

Smoking is permitted away from residences and studios.

North Mountain is a program of Uphill Art Farm LLC.