North Mountain Residency makes its home within the Appalachian mountains on 400 acres of sloping forest and agricultural land in West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle.

The front yard of the residency house opens onto forested hillsides and rough trails

Natural light serves visual practices in the first floor studio.

A collection of books on design and Appalachian history & ecology aid research in the upstairs studio.

The media studio is designed with digital and print-related practices in mind.

Media-based practices benefit from the media studio’s large table space and openness.

The front orchard is one of several retired orchard blocks.

The pond contemplates recreation and wildlife.

Residents prepare their own meals and have full use of the kitchen.

The living room makes space for conversation and research.

The back deck faces Back Creek Valley.

Wildflowers bloom during spring and summer months.

Many roads found on the property have declined into wide trails.

Residencies occur seasonally, generally running from May to September.

For current photos of the site in use, and more information about our current residents, visit our news page.