Anne Mailey (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) dedicated her studio time to a very private practice of museum-making. Within the interior of her own personal garments, Mailey creates and appliqués floor plans of art establishments, and images of artworks from the western canon of art history, specifically those she finds performative, feminist, and personally biographical. One piece, called the “Skirt of Mothers,” has been an on-going project since 2013. While in residence Mailey embroidered two new acquisitions for the Skirt of Mothers museum, Ana Mendieta’s “Body Tracks” from 1982, and Leonora Carrington’s “Self-Portrait” from 1936-37. Simultaneously she’s been working on a dream journal that she records into the surface of her personal bed sheet using thread. Her time and presence at North Mountain will be preserved in the orchards here with her final project: a collaborative time capsule in which each resident and staff was invited to contribute. A reading of the capsule’s materials and a burial was ceremoniously held on Mailey’s last night at North Mountain and is to be unearthed in about 10 years.

Mailey’s time capsule burial with rites and readings by resident collaborators, August 16, 2016

Mailey’s embroidered Ana Mendieta “Body Tracks” 1982 in progress

The Leonora Carrington “Self-Portrait” embroidery in progress on the Skirt of Mothers