Painting and subject by Mi-Hee Nahm in progress

Mi-Hee Nahm (Seoul, South Korea) is entering a new phase of process and production. She feels the residency at North Mountain has helped her reach a critical turning point since her two year hiatus from her practice. In earlier work, Mi-Hee emphasized intimacy, slowness, and control through close observation and repetitive actions. Her subjects were personal, and her practice methodical. She shredded journals into soft sculptural blocks, and with the grisaille technique, painted small scale portraits of women of Asian background, and still lifes of sentimental objects. Her practice at North Mountain has been dedicated to moving away from this kind of careful planning. She’s interested in allowing the act of painting to develop the narrative that might lay dormant in the materials used. Mi-Hee arrived and quickly set to work painting and drawing the interior of her studio – these pieces are now displayed on the walls which they depict. She soon moved on to painting the forest outside her studio window and an active beehive found nearby.