NOIA composing in studio at North Mountain

NOIA (Barcelona, Catalunya/Spain and Brooklyn, NY) is uncovering her process at North Mountain. Her studio space is covered in a layer of synths, modulators, drum machines, cords, contact mics, and electric and acoustic instruments. She assigns herself the task to create two minutes of new material each day. Affectionately referring to this as her “quota,” NOIA is a disciplined and inventive electronic composer.

NOIA’s beats are volcanic, baroque, and nature-oriented. As a practiced sound producer in film, she borrows foley techniques and field recordings to construct new rhythms and ornamental moods. A self-described maximalist, NOIA’s style references dancehall, tropicalia, R&B, traditional Catalan, rumba, flamenco, and experimental sound design music. Producers Arca and Ash Koosha are major influences in her recent work.

NOIA normally works with Pro Tools software, and so is using her time at North Mountain to depart from the screen. She feels that taking the time to write before entering the world of visual representation has developed her voice in songwriting and composition. “With the screen, you hear too much with your eyes. Happy accidents are easier to come by off-screen.” By taking long walks and hikes, and using the residency’s tiny housetruck for acoustic experiments and composition, she has been productive in a new way.

“I’m still learning about myself as an artist. I’m asking myself: What is my process? What is my style? Generally I’ve been very polyhedral in my output. This has been a time to go inside myself, to experiment without the pressures of judgment. I see this as a portal.”

NOIA has dedicated her residency at North Mountain to producing a new EP for her NYC/LA-based label, Cascine. But recently, “something really cool happened… because of all the new material I’m producing, its going to be released as a LP.” The new album will be released in early 2018.

Listen to NOIA’s music at Spotify or SoundCloud, and browse her sound design credit list at IMDB.