Ayana and Idasa collaborate on new material in the studio. Video still courtesy of Ray Carrington

North Mountain was proud to host the activist media and music group 1Hood Media (Pittsburgh, PA). “1Hood Media is a collective of artists and activists who believe that art is the best way to challenge inequity, raise awareness, and unify humanity. For members, 1Hood provides a space to learn, explore, challenge and create. We offer a variety of programs including 1Hood Media Academy, 1Hood Select, 1Hood Presents and 1Hood Artivist Academy. These endeavors engage youth 16–25 in media literacy, performance art, artist sustainability, and liberation literacy (our term for movement and navigation of social justice oriented spaces and concepts).”

We were excited to learn how they occupied North Mountain to activate their collective and respective practices.

Jasiri X is a writer, author, speaker, rapper and the Creative Director of 1Hood. He used this opportunity to meditate, reflect, and gain inspiration for his upcoming project.

Ray Carrington is a photographer and graphic designer. During the residency he focused on documenting and videography. He also did a photoshoot for the other participants.

Idasa Tariq is a rapper, producer, teaching artist, and former Assistant Creative Director for 1Hood. During the retreat he focused on producing new beats, experimenting with new sounds, and supporting his colleagues in beat selection for their own projects.

Jordan Howard is a rapper, teaching artist, and producer for 1Hood Media. During his stay at North Mountain, he streamlined and focused on only his music.

Jacquea Mae is a singer, performance artist, and teaching artist for 1Hood. During the residency, she focused on vocal training and wrote new music.

Ayana Sade is a singer and performer with 1Hood. The residency was a more collaborative opportunity for her, as she started a new song with Jordan and Idasa, got pointers on production and beat selection, and recorded a nature walk with Ray.

Follow their progress at www.1hood.org.

1Hood Media on retreat in the trees. Photo courtesy of Ray Carrington